SO, it seems that, because of a simple misspelling, the brother Splodey Tsarnaev were simply not noticed by the DHS and other folks supposed to be watching for people like them.

Now, I understand that mistakes happen…Sometimes people hit the wrong key when entering data….sometimes they are tired or distracted or whatever.

But really, no one caught the fact that “Tsarnaev” might also be spelled Tsarnayev”? No one bothered to look at a guy who spent 6 months in training on how to blow people up?

And they spend all that time defending the integrity of their lists…even when completely (and obviously) innocent people are inconvenienced by being on it.

Sometimes incompetence is hard to tell from maliciousness. Especially in a bureaucrat.

One thought on “Failures

  1. Most police departments have a system to show alias known to be used.

    DHS doesn't have a simple system that has been around for oh…..a couple decades?

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS

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