11 thoughts on “And now we know why the Left likes Soros so much…..

  1. Anti -Israel protests are the only GOOD THING he is up to.

    • I disagree.
      If the same level of hate and vitriol were perpetrated towards the muslims, they’d be screaming.

      ‘Twasn’t the Israelis that attacked innocents during a time of peace.

      Yer entitled to your opinion.

  2. What good reason is there that Geo. Soros retains U.S. dual citizenship, or that any Soros connected person or org remains in the U.S.?

    Good means good for the Republic.

  3. As Mike Johnson tries to pass billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, he’s having to put his own job on the line
    Johnson moving ahead with Ukraine aid bill despite pressure from hardliners
    US Senate kills articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
    Ex-Trump attorney asked if he thinks Trump should testify. Hear reply 1:29
    Analysis Some House Republicans need this reminder that Russia is not their friend
    Viewers called in with Trump trial questions. Maggie Haberman answered 1:50
    If Trump testifies at NY criminal trial, prosecutors want to use his past legal run-ins to discredit him to jury
    Fact check: Donald Trump attacks Jimmy Kimmel for something Al Pacino did

  4. Is it possible that George Soros constitutes a national security threat?

    Anon 2

      • george is almost dead. his psycho son is at the helm now, and much worse. both could be charged with treason for election interference, not to mention conspiracy and many other high crimes.

  5. Soros has long been a major threat to civilization, now that he has handed the reins over to his equally evil and corrupt son the evil will go on for many more decades….unless the needful is done and necks stretched.

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