So all the outcry about the “Starving “Palestinian” People”…

And the US begins building a floating pier so that food can get into Gaza more easily…bypassing the Israeli controlled port. (which idea had “Bad” written all over it, but whatever)

And the Hamas assholes fire mortars at the pier.. Shooting at the people who are attempting to help them. If you had the cognitive ability of a carrot you knew that they would do this.

The thing is,¬†they don’t want “aid “for their people, they want to use their “Starving” people as props in political theater. They care less about their own people than the rest of the world…even Israel.

I might buy the fact that the other citizens of Gaza are innocent if they turned on these assholes and either ratted them out or the perpetrators were simply found beaten to death on a pile of rubble.

But nope, these people, all the Gazans, simply bite the hand that is ..Literally….feeding them.

Even dogs, cats, and bears, raccoons, wolverines, and even (usually) sharks have more intelligence than these folks. It is no wonder that no decent country, muslim or not, wants these people.