Border Patrol or Welcome Wagon?

These agents should be booted out of the Border Patrol….Not “allowed to Retire”. Booted from Federal Service and barred from ever working in any capacity for the Federal Government ever again.

Are these people Border Patrol or the Welcome Wagon? Is there job to protect the border or to welcome illegals into the US? Let anyone in if they look pathetic enough?

Are they unaware that the idea is to keep them from crossing?

Shocking moment five Border Patrol agents CUT through razor wire at Eagle Pass and allow migrants to enter the US – after Texas Governor Abbott re-installed it along Rio Grande.

So the Texas National Guard puts up the barriers and the Border Patrol removes the barriers. At what point is there a clash between them, and who has the final authority?


2 thoughts on “Border Patrol or Welcome Wagon?

  1. What’s wrong with a sentence of LIFE in Gitmo for their TREASON.?

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