Coming soon to a Blue city near you (In the USA)

Sweden Calls in Military to Fight Migrant Crime Gangs


With the amount of “Migrants”…single men who sport gang/Cartel tattoos being allowed over the southern border, we can expect similar levels of violence in our more Blue cities…especially ones where the black and other latino gangs’ aready control the drug trade.


It’s bad enough in places like Philadelphia, LA,  and Chicago’s South Side where the black drug gangs war against each other or occasionally against a rival latino gang. It’ll get worse once these new cartel linked men get together and start pushing for territory and volume.


3 thoughts on “Coming soon to a Blue city near you (In the USA)

  1. wall ’em in and drop in 9mm/40 ammo once in a while. problem solved.

  2. I think that was the plan all along, to create enough chaos to bring the army against it’s own people

  3. This isn’t going to be contained in blue cities and states. The TRAITORS letting these people in WANT the illegals to be able to overwhelm ANY city or town they please. Many of these towns are going to be red, as their populations tend to be more law-abiding and therefore need smaller police forces. This has beeen the MO of gangs for many decades. This new batch won’t tamper with success.

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