So they gonna let him go on no bail

I mean, they’ve let others go on no bail for similar crimes….

Of course, those others were nobodies of importance, so  the District Attorneys didn’t care, felt it was more imp0ortant to Make a Statement….

And, of course, Mr. DePape is white, so as a perpetrator, he is not a privileged    person….


I expect that they will soon attempt to tie Mr DePape and his attack on Paul Pelosi to either Trump or some Right leaning organization…



4 thoughts on “So they gonna let him go on no bail

  1. already trying. but his social media got wiped. he lived in lefty berkley in a lefty flophouse. not indicative of a maga.

  2. That’ll work. Gay guy who is known for protesting nude in San Francisco? Totally a Trump supporter!

  3. Pelosi IS actually trying to tie this meth head to “MAGA extreme terrorism.” I wouldn’t doubt it to be a cover for her husband’s attempt at a little boy-butter rear entry…

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