interesting timing….?

Accidentally came across the CBS show 60 minutes…which is defending the viewpoint that there was no fraud in the 2020 elections. A very very carefully worded statement telling us that there was no fraud…..

One wonders, really, if it is truly a closed case, why, two years later, are they STILL denying that there was any fraud. Who are they trying to convince?

It looks like the Big Lie gambit.

We’ve been hearing for 2 years that there was no fraud. The Media (which has been shown to propagandize for the Democrats lean DNC) has told us for all that time that there was no fraud and that anyone that says otherwise is a deluded “election Denier”.

Why do they need to keep saying that? Why keep repeating it?

One thought on “interesting timing….?

  1. Tell the lie big enough, long enough and loudly enough and eventually it becomes the truth. While the criminal left tends to idolize Stalinist policies they don’t have any problems using advice promulgated by German nazis…like Josep Goebbels.

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