’tis almost amusing

Watching the Democrat defenders dance all around the memes and questions of Paul Pelosi’s relationship (maybe) with his attacker…

“The cries of how “hateful” they are and such. The over-the-top condemnations of the questions makes me wonder though…


Hey, assholes, you and the Media set the standard of behavior…Funny how much that shoe pinches innit?

(although despite the denials it looks a lot like there is a LOT more to the story than they are letting out)

((ETA 8:22 PM central): Ferinstance, these are some good questions. One might wonder how much is being downplayed.)


Having said that, I wish Mr Pelosi a quick recovery.


ETA: The Evening News is telling us that the perpetrator “Espoused Right wing philosophy” without giving or showing any examples….which probably means that there are no examples and they are trying to tie a whacko (or a gay tryst) to something Right Wing to deflect….I mean, if thre was something they could point to we’d surely have had it shoved in our faces by now.

6 thoughts on “’tis almost amusing

  1. There is always a mysterious extra person.

    Reportedly, there was a passenger in Pelosi’s car when he crashed and was arested. And an un-identified person opened the door for the Police in the hammer incident.

    Curious that.

    • Indeed. But things look…..weird.
      At least right now. We shall see.

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