It is a shame

The Democrats are pushing “A Woman’s Right To Choose” as a reason to vote for or against a candidate. It is all over the Chicago stations. Nearly every single election ad has that term used. I heard that term 18 times in just one commercial break this morning.

If only the Dems could use real rights as an argument…Free Speech, Right to Bear Arms, that sort of thing, rather than their made up “Right to Choose”. (and I am not coming down as Pro OR Anti abortion….but it isn’t a right either way.

Of course, as a wedge issue, it works. But their ads make it seem as it if were a Civil Right….Or one enshrined in our Constitution.

If only they cared as much about real constitutional rights or just Freedom in general. But those don’t sell as well in a commercial.


3 thoughts on “It is a shame

  1. The Constitution is vague about recognizing “unenumerated” rights. An amendment worked for “slavery” but the Roe decision was accepted for decades. There is nothing in the Constitution about the Supreme Court having the authority to declare something (legislation, rule, regulation) as an “unConstitutional violation either. Curious voids in an otherwise detailed document.

    • Our Constitution is for a religous and moral people only; it is wholly inadequate for any other people.

      This is a paraphrase of the words of John Adams.

      FYI: By ‘religous’ he meant those who have established, and adhere to, a personal code of conduct, a standard by which to measure the good propriety of their thoughts and deeds.

  2. Here in Michigan, we have a proposal to make abortion the law of the land. But we also have our governor, Gretchen Whitmer, running for office again, against Tudor Dixon, another woman, only a Republican.
    The main things that people are concerned with are the economy, and crime, and yet in the two debates that the candidates held, the liberal media began with questions about abortion, playing right into the Empress of Lansing’s wheelhouse. Because the Democrats are making this election about abortion, and avoiding anything else, whenever possible.
    I myself hate abortion, and only think it is proper, to save the life of the mother. I think that life begins at conception, and an abortion kills a living human being. As a Christian, I can’t prove that Biblically. In fact, as someone who has studied the Bible for a long time, and even attended Bible college a long time ago, I can make an argument for each side. So I know that it is a very hard issue. And so perhaps it is the only proper method in a republic such as ours, to leave it up to the will of the people.

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