Hey, it is what they wanted

Of course, they condoned violence against Supreme Court Justices and any Republicans that opposed their liberal views and goals…..

(Not that I condone the attack on Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband….)


But the thing is, they condone violence against anyone that disagrees with them or who might be an impediment to their agenda…..and yet they dislike it when it happens to them.

I don’t think that this is what they thought it might turn out to be though. I feel sorry for Mr Pelosi. But his wife wished the same sort of thing on anyone who she disagrees with.

2 thoughts on “Hey, it is what they wanted

  1. You may not condone it….but I don’t have any problem with it…..
    Violence….it’s the ONLY language the left will listen to.

  2. lot of sketchy stuff on this “attack”. devil is in the details, we’ll find out after the election. heck, maybe ol’ nance made him take one for the team, or it could just be payback for the dui fiasco. who knows with that bunch. brandon screams about election deniers and maga republicans while professing to bring down the rhetoric.

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