They never had the benefit of the doubt from anyone with a brain

Or, for that matter, anyone with two working neurons.

China ‘no longer deserves benefit of the doubt’: Bombshell Senate report concludes that COVID ‘most likely’ leaked from lab – as lawmakers point the finger at Beijing. Policymakers said ‘substantial’ evidence pointing to lab accident has emerged


Anyone who said otherwise for the past 2 or more years is a blatant liar. Public officials who lied to protect China are traitors (Looking at you, Anthony Fauci).


6 thoughts on “They never had the benefit of the doubt from anyone with a brain

  1. Leaked? It was our money and no telling what else they used to Make that virus. It was Made to use. It didn’t Leak. I think they exposed people, put them on planes and distributed the disease across the globe. But, maybe that’s just me.

    • in november 2019 canadian authorities caught a chinese national traveling across canada to new york with a briefcase full of lab sample vials. she worked for the wuhan lab. it was quickly covered up and i can’t find any reference to it now. fauci was involved in the lab from day one after obama banished them from their u.s. lab. bill gates paid millions to have it built. i think they were working on a genocide virus but it got out before it could be perfected. then china ran with it.

  2. Why do you believe this story after all the trash that has come out of Washington. China has been producing wonderful and horrid diseases for a millenium. Trade ships, air craft and migrating birds have brought Chinese ( Asian) death to the world. Maybe a research helped this time. SARS-1, MERS and the 1917 Flu in Kansas all developed under major migration fly-ways. Plus if Congress/government say something, you know it is garbage.

    Tell me another one, except I want a pretty young redhead in the starring role.

    • I neve believed that the disease did not originate in a lab in china. But now others are admitting what we already knew.

      • I uthink this is the opening shot of the socialists distancing themselves from Mengele-Fauci.

        They are real good at running from sinking ships. Fauci has become indefensible so they abandon him on the cultural battlefield.

        The next Congree will be very interesting.

  3. I’ll take it to the next more accurate level. The virus wasn’t accidentally released. It was DELIBERATE. The CCP and the DNC conspired to release the virus. Two reasons. First….it gave them the perfect excuse to implement ‘mail in voting’ on a scale never before dreamed of. Doing so allowed them to STEAL THE WHITE HOUSE via unprecedented cheating during the 2020 election. They will now use that same mechanism to steal multiple electoral offices in the midterms. The second reason was to justify forcibly imposing their poison jab on MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people in their quest to kill as many people as possible. The “vaccine” was NOT created for the virus. The virus was created for the “vaccine”.

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