He shoulda killed ’em instead

68 years. People only get 20 years for killing someone. And that is before parole.

Bundy standoff supporter is sentenced to 68 years in prison.  He shoulda shot ’em, then he’d be out in less than 10 after parole and sentence reduction and all that…..

Cliven Bundy doesn’t say he “doesn’t have to pay” he says he doesn’t owe the FEDERAL government (BLM) the grazing fees….but rather the STATE.

The Feds pointed firearms and other wise threatened the folks that had gathered to resist at the Bundy standoff…..why was that legal and not the other way around? Why do Federal agents get a pass when there is a confrontation especially a peaceful one.

What this means is that next time such a standoff occurs, there is no reason not to be violent. Peaceful resistance, (with or without firearms) leads to longer prison sentences than Murder does.

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