I had always thought it was urban legend…..

So, today, I was doing a bit of cutting with a chainsaw. Somewhere, somehow, I misplaced one of the nuts that hold the bar onto the saw in the grass while changing a chain. (apparently, the nut departed this universe, as I combed the grass and even went over the area with a magnet….?) Not a big deal, I have a spare…..

So, when I was done, on my trip into town, I stopped at the Stihl dealer and picked up 2 extras, so that when I misplace one again, I would be prepared…

And there, as I live and breathe, I saw him. Dude had a more or less brand new 14 inch Stihl chainsaw and not one, not two, but THREE chains. Complaining that “none of them cut worth a damn and only made smoke”.

Dude at the counter looked at him, then at me, then ran his finger over the chain.

“It’s on backwards” he said. Both of us tried not to laugh.

Harry the whining homeowner looked at the chain.
Looked at the other chains. I stepped up and felt ’em….still sharp as factory new, just discolored from heat from friction.

“Here, let me show you” Counter Dude says.

Harry the whining homeowner just picked up his saw and chains and walked out.

How can anyone be so stupid? 

7 thoughts on “I had always thought it was urban legend…..

  1. He's the one you'll read about that was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries OR you'll see the video of his tree crushing the house or car.

  2. I have a motorcycle. I've ridden for many years. I hadn't ridden in a while though, and figured I should run it out to keep the cabs clean. I started it, and it ran like crap. I tried spraying carb cleaner into it. I tried force-feeding 100% Sea Foam into it. I tried riding it like a rental; no joy. The only way I could get it to idle out was to run it with the choke full on. I ended up riding the sputtering beast to "the shop" to pay someone hundreds to fix it. I got there, and the guy asked what was wrong. I showed him. He said “Your choke is on.” I was starting it with the choke off, and running it with the choke on. Er-her!

    This kind of thing happens… to everyone. You can either pussy-fart and walk away pouting, or do what I did; laugh like hell! If you can't laugh at yourself, you have no right to laugh at anyone else!

  3. They also vote and I bet I know who the dumb fuck voted for.

  4. Pete: All THREE chains? Plus the one on the saw?

    That takes a special kind of dumb. There is, after all, a manual that comes with the saw that tells you how to put on a chain.

  5. That person is going to have the chainsaw bounce off a knot and kill himself. You KNOW it.

  6. B: Indeed, yerright. I guess the point I was trying to make was that if the guy had just taken his lumps (laughed at himself) and had been more humble, he would have learned something, and would have been better off for it.

    I guess it's no surprise; there seems to be a surplus of people with their "chains on backwards" these days…

  7. Pete, you are indeed correct. We laughed harder at his discomfiture as he stalked out like a pissed off woman. Every one of us does something stupid now and again. Some learn, some whine like little girls.

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