Why our country is


There are jobs, good jobs, going wanting.  Jobs that don’t need a Tech Degree, nor sometimes even a high school diploma. Just people who will work, and be clean and sober while doing it….

Yet they can’t find workers to fill those jobs.
Because most applicants can’t pass the drug test requirements.
(and, of course, if they are “out of work”, why, the Federal and State governments will GIVE ’em Free Money, Free Food stamps, Free phone, Free rent, Free heath insurance).

And those ‘Benefits” don’t need a Drug Test. Why is that?

People make their choices. We make their choices not have consequences. If you want more of something, subsidize it….If we Drug Tested applicants for government aid, we’d reduce our budgets and FORCE folks to either be clean, or starve. Either way, our country would be better off.

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  1. So the solution is??? Repeal the ACA and cut funding to Medicaid so that millions of Americans (the final number is open to debate) will lose access to medical care that includes treatment for those addicted to pain medication and opioids? Force people to make "better life choices"? Get rid of drug testing altogether? Bring in foreign workers with the will to work hard to succeed? Perhaps even raise wages to entice higher quality workers to apply.


  2. Stop making it easy to be a drug user and to not be qualified to work would be a start.

    Over 70 percent of the loss of coverage from Obamacare repeal will be from folks choosing not to buy insurance if there is a loss of the individual mandate. So stop the DNC style whining re: losing access to medical care. (Just so you know what the difference is, medical CARE is the actual care, which BarryCare doesn't provide. Medical INSURANCE is what BarryCare gives to people, at the cost to others who pay their share. Please don't act stupid and mix the two. You are smart enough to know the difference, and so am I. Conflating the two doesn't help the debate.

    The point is that if you want to get a good job and not be "poor" you have to make choices. These folks are making theirs.

    Higher wages won't help, these are already decent wages, especially for those who have little education. So get rid of that liberal argument too. Those old liberal talking points (that were untrue 30+ years ago, and aren't true today either) are worn out. Please don't waste electrons repeating them here.

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