“When they say that “the Science is Settled” on something like Glowball Warming or Covid, what they really mean is not Real Science, but the Political Science”

Turns out they maybe dodged a bullet..


So I wrote the other day about the interaction between the 2 punks driving the beater car and the old man?

Yeah, about that….I was talking to one of my cop acquaintances on Wed and mentioned the incident.  (As far as he knows there was no complaint filed, and he was on-duty that day) I described the 2 assholes and their car…no surprise, the cops know them well. Seems that about once a week they interact with the two assholes or their hangers-on and/or family members…..

The old dude? The cops know him as well. Apparently he was a guy who worked well into the early 2000’s for some fellow on the south side of Chicago who specialized in high-interest low-security loans to people. Since the loan offices were often bars and diners and such, the “loan officer” needed folks like the old man to provide muscle security and bodyguard services. Dude also apparently did collections of delinquent loans. Apparently was a mean fucker during his day. He’s enjoying a well earned retirement here in Indiana. But he is not a person to fuck with. Polite and nice, friendly and kind…but not one to provoke… My cop friend even described the car, so I know we were talking about the same person….

I guess the old guy simply doesn’t give a damn….”Like you,…only with even less restraint or give-a-fuck ” as it was put to me.. (Imma take that as a compliment)

He’s of the opinion that the kids were lucky that he didn’t have to investigate a more serious beating or possibly even a homicide. So much so he’s gonna have a chat with the two assholes so he doesn’t have to scrape ’em up off the pavement…..

Interesting. I’d like to meet the dude over a beer just to see .

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

― Al Capone

So tell me, when is it enough?

I mean, for over half a century I have seen “Minorities” get special treatment in government jobs, procurements, contracts, etc.

“Set Asides” …preferential hiring, extra government money spent to use a “Minority Contractor” when others would do the job for significantly less money (and let’s face it, the same contractors hire the same workers and buy the same materials as the less expensive bidders)….We  see Federal and state offices filled  (overrepresented, in fact) with “Minorities”….and productivity is for shit….so then they hire yet MORE minorities….

So when will it be enough? Blacks are overrepresented in almost every government job, In receipt of government “Entitlements”, in almost everything except productive private sector jobs. Companies had to hire (and PROMOTE) people of African descent just to be able to stay in business, and do even more for black people if they wanted to do business with state (and especially) Federal agencies and departments. Scholarships, preferential admissions to colleges and universities…..Extra leniency in sentencing… Preferences everywhere in the name of “Equality”…


Now Biden wants to expand Race Preferences throughout the Federal Government.

How much more expiation for sins that happened nearly a century or more ago? more than 4 generations ago? (and by that I am talking about the treatment of black people in society, not slavery, which no one alive today was in any way involved in, either as a slave or a slaveowner)..

But I ask. again, and I am serious about it. When will the “sins” of the past be equalized?

When will it be enough?

Fucked around and found out

So, a woman was shot in the greater Chicago area. She was pregnant. That was the headline last night.

Today we find out that she was robbing people in their cars. Someone objected and shot her instead and drove off.

What the headlines should read is “Armed thief killed while attempting robbery“.

But no, they keep harping on the fact that she was a woman and 7 months pregnant.

Like the below story, she found out that some people won’t be victims.

Gonna spend millions

Blaming “Climate Change” and “Sea Level Rise” for the need to rush to find funding to upgrade (and actually repair) the seawall in San Francisco…Which is crumbling with age at more than 100 years old in places. 

Of course, they are blaming Climate Change even though there has been no real rise in sea level, and are basing the need for the new seawall on projections of changes . Please note the the projections have never yet been correct or even close. In reality, they need a new seawall ’cause it is old and crumbling and they spent the money on Social Programs and can’t pay for it themselves….

Likely they will apply to the Federal government for a part of the funding….and so they will get the rest of the country to help pay for their crumbling seawall….

None of us saw a damned thing, either….

And, I am thinking, a lesson learned on the cheap for the young guy….

So I am loading groceries into the car late morning today…. Hear a bit of commotion, and look over to see an elderly man telling the kid in the beater car to watch his door….I think the kid had whacked the door of the old man’s car next to him.

Being all curious and shit, I watched and listened. I was close enough to hear things clearly once I faced ’em.

“Hey, don’t hit my car with your door!”

“Do something about it, old man!, Fuck you, do something or shut up….DO SOMETHING!”  he got right in the old man’s face His also-scruffy looking companion hooted and hollered at the old man.

There were about 4 guys in the parking lot, me and the rest, watching to see if we were gonna have to intervene,,,,,but no,

Old dude nodded, walked back to his car, started it, opened the trunk, walked back to the trunk, got a friggin’ baseball bat (a nice hickory one) out of the trunk, walked up to the young lowlife looking loudmouth kid who had started things….., “oofed” him in the solar plexus with the small end of the bat (hard enough to sit him down on his ass), proceeded to take about 4 whacks down the side of the shitbox car, got the windshield, the door, the mirror and a taillight. Looked over at the other guy, saw that he had no fight in him, sneered, put the bat into his trunk, closed it, got into the driver’s seat, backed out (carefully not driving over the not-so-tough guy sitting in between the cars) and drove off as casual as you please.

Everyone turned and went back about our business. I’m not sure if the cops were called ’cause I left shortly after that. But I’m pretty sure none of us saw anything anyway, if ya know what I mean.

I haven’t yet seen anything in the local paper (online) either.

I think the young loudmouth “tough” guy got a lesson he’ll remember for a while. He’s lucky it didn’t cost him his teeth.


Like Pet Buttigieg only for the FAA

Seems that Biden’s pick for the FAA administrator isn’t a pilot, doesn’t know anything about aviation, and honestly is completely ignorant about all things aviation.

But, Like “Mayor Pete” he’s politically reliable, so there’s that…..

Just the kind of guy we need overseeing the FAA…..and he will, of course, be reporting to his boss: Pete the Incompetent. I feel safer already. We need more clueless Democrats running federal agencies. I

But hey, he’s black, so there won’t be any racism involved, right?

Where do they find these useless idiots?


Here, in the US, the leftists

Would have gleefully killed their cats, just sot they could say they were helping end the crisis and to be seen as being more Socially Responsible. Like masking and Vaxxing, they’d have jumped on the bandwagon early to show how good they were, all the while telling other non-compliers how they were socially irresponsible and were gonna kill the rest of humanity.

UK cat cull was considered early in Covid crisis, ex-minister says
James Bethell says government considered whether all pet cats might have to be put down to contain virus


Of course, those same folks…you know, the ones that clamored for forced “Vaccinations” would then have insisted that the government do the culling of the pet cats….(Easy to do in Britain, where the population is effectively disarmed and much more compliant) than in  the US, where some folks might have had other ideas about killing the family pet…..and expressed their wish to not participate……kinetically, shall we say.

But you know those sick, damaged, unthinking, ever so socially compliant liberal go-alongs, the ones that were so keen on putting the non vaccinated in camps…..that repeated the government lies about masking and Ivermectin and vaccines and “Social Distancing”…..that wanted those of us non-vaccinated to be kept out of public spaces and unemployed ….would have gladly killed their own pets to be seen being good Social Citizens and cheered the killing of their neighbor’s pets by the authorities.