Mafia dumping ground

SO the low water levels at Lake Mead (caused by years of water mismanagement of the Colorado River) are exposing all sorts of stuff that have been hidden for 50 years or more…..

Second body found as low water levels continue


I wonder how many more they will find? I wonder if the police will be able to close a bunch of cold cases?


Perhaps Jimmy Hoffa? (Nah, he’s in a foundation in Detroit or New Jersey)

The one advantage

Of a stick welder over MIG is that you can weld outside in windy conditions. I no longer have a stick welder, so MIG is the whole game….

No welding for me today. 20 gusting 30. Kept blowing the shield gas (C-25) away.. While in this application I could probably get away with shitty welds, I refuse to do so.

Tomorrow, I guess.


When the lilacs bloom, it is time to plant.

That was according to my grandfather, and using that advice I have never lost a plant to frost nor have I had seeds rot because the conditions were not right for germination.


To me, the blooming of the lilacs is the REAL start of the season.


It’d be nice

If the Feds would treat this sort of vandalism as a Hate Crime and then use the tools they are using to persecute the Jan 6 protestors to go after these people..

You know, cell phone location data, and such, maybe video evidence (if any), facebook./other social media and all that….

But they won’t because they approve of such, and therefore they won’t bother to even try….’Cause like the BLM vandals, they are Lefty Approved Protestors, so it is allowed.

But they assured us that it was 100% safe….

Except that now the CDC has “Restricted” the use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid “vaccine”  due to “Concern over Blood Clots”. 

We are told that the clots are, (of course) extremely rare. (But they have restricted its use nonetheless….for a “tested and safe” vaccine that they assured us was safe….until now, of course.

Odd, innit? Fully safe then restricted. But we are told on TV and the other media “Trust us” as they tell us how we should take the jab….

Is it safe or not? I think the results speak for thenselves

About time

John Paul Issac is suing CNN, Politico, Adam Schiff, and others, claiming defamation.


Who is he? He is the guy who fixed the now Infamous Hunter Biden Laptop and revealed it to the world after Hunter failed to pick it back up.

Schiff and CNN and others claimed his revealing of the (apparently real) laptop was “Russian Disinformation”….Apparently they lied in order to help get Joe Biden elected….

Mr. Issac, in the aftermath, lost his business.


I hope he wins his lawsuits and is able to recover his livelihood.

Piercing the facade

So, suddenly, the Media and the Democrats and the Liberals (but, again, I repeat myself) are decrying the loss of “Women’s Rights”…


Not terribly inclusive, are they. What about the transgendered, the confused, the wannabe girls? What about THEIR rights to an abortion?


Oh, yeah, they’ve torn the façade off of their “Inclusiveness” and now they are looking out for Women….Real women. Made with original equipment women…..because they all know that the whole Trans thing is bullshit and women are women and the rest…..aren’t.

They are showing that they know what a woman is, and that the other rhetoric is lies and bullshit. They don’t need to “Be a Biologist” for this either…When it really matters, women are what we all know they are defined as. Not a dude with some surgery, not a make believe woman who is really a man in a dress.