I can’t win

From the old dudes at the Tuesday morning informal rifle shoot:


“hey, B, now come yer only shooting 5 shots per target instead of 10?”

“Well, it gets harder to figure out where to aim when the 10 ring is missing”

“You gotta tighten up those groups boy, if the hole in the center is too big for you to have somethin to aim at, then yer shooting too big of groups”.

Fuck. I guess I gotta up my game. 3/8 inch 10 shot groups at 50 yards is too big.

Less coffee in the morning, I guess.


As an aside, I’m not so sure I like the new lead-sled rifle rest. I think I’m gonna go back to a front rest and a sandbag. I feel like I am fighting the sled and it isn’t reducing my group size.

3 thoughts on “I can’t win

  1. Shot the black center dots out of all four NRA targets for my CCW class . The folk were cheering and clapping for me . Made the Seal teachers mad . S&W 7 1/2″ barrel will do that .

  2. Make damned sure the Lead Sled doesn’t have more than 25lbs on it. If it does, it can break the stocks when the recoil lug hits the back of the stock.

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