Modern day lynching

Protests all over the country for “justice”.

Of course, they don’t really want “justice”, They want revenge.
No investigation, no trial, just revenge. Right now.

They call that a Lynching. If it were whites insisting on revenge for perceived crimes by a black person, and summary justice rather than a trial, they’d call that a lynching.

But that is what they want. Instant “Justice”.

Should the cop get off without an investigation and a trial? Absolutely not. Should he be lynched? Also absolutely not.

Just because a 30 second video with no context was shown on TV, and a report that it happened over 7 minutes is no reason to demand a lynching. Of course, it is a white cop and a black man so there is no presumption of guilt on the cop’s part.

But I doubt that the protesters care enough to be logical or rational. They want revenge.

Sadly, they don’t realize that this is scripted. Designed to keep them angry.

And another thing: I can understand the protest (not the riots) in Minneapolis. That is where the incident occurred. But everywhere else? Sorry, no excuse.
And burning your own neighborhood is the process? Just a bunch of people demonstrating why we have stereotypes for them. Sad. 

3 thoughts on “Modern day lynching

  1. Come on B, you're being a little overdramatic. Your definition of lynching leaves out the most important part–putting the accused to death. And we both know that the arrested cop isn't going to die.

  2. Perhaps not Death, but the Mob wants Summary Justice.

    There have indeed been calls for his death.

    They DO want a lynching, no investigation, no trial.

    I stand by my words.

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