Have you noticed?

Every time the DNC types have problems, or a scandal, or are losing in the polls…..

The media shows us a carefully edited snippet of video showing a black man being mistreated or killed by a white cop.

Protests ensue, sometimes black people, sometimes white people doing the rioting.

Funny, that.

You gotta ask yourself who, exactly,  organized these “Spontaneous Protests” ?

It is, after all, an election year. 

12 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. What if white cops didn't mistreat/kill black folk?

    Then the media wouldn't have clips to broadcast.

    Problem Solved!


  2. Pete,
    How about the cops police their own? The district attorney had a chance to prosecute this guy and declined.

    As an aside, I was flipping channels last night and saw part of an episode of Cops where a black officer had the same knee on neck position on a white guy. It is a common move.

    I didn’t see any riots when a black Minneapolis cop shot/killed a white woman in cold blood-endangering his partner by shooting over him and through a car door.


  3. Concur with MC, those same examples came to mind… sigh

  4. Pete: How about Black folks stop breaking the law at a 4:1 ratio vs the rest of their fellow citizens? That would cut out their interactions a whole bunch

    How about, once it becomes obvious they are gonna be arrested, they stop fighting to escape (like most of the rest of their fellow citizens) and don't give the cops a reason to pile on? .

    I think, Pete, that you are suffering from some sort of Liberal Guilt. Or you don't want to face some stats about black people, and instead want to blame cops.

  5. MC,

    You said, "How about the cops police their own? The district attorney had a chance to prosecute this guy and declined."

    It seems cops are more likely to protect their own. Why? I have opinions, but. . . And the DA has charged the cop with 3rd degree murder, but the cops involved weren't fired until the video was made public and the one officer wasn't charged until after protests started.

    "As an aside, I was flipping channels last night and saw part of an episode of Cops where a black officer had the same knee on neck position on a white guy. It is a common move."

    It may be a common move, but the Minneapolis PD does not authorize it or train their officers to use it. And I have not heard or read any law enforcement experts who condone it.

    "I didn’t see any riots when a black Minneapolis cop shot/killed a white woman in cold blood-endangering his partner by shooting over him and through a car door."

    Perhaps that's because an investigation took place in a timely manner, the results of which led to charges against the black officer who was then arrested. In April of last year that black officer was convicted of 3rd degree murder and manslaughter and sentenced to 12-1/2 years in prison.


  6. Pete,

    I'm not thinking that eight months of investigation is 'timely' and the process was 23 months from shooting to the sentencing of Mohammad Noor (who had three formal complaints in his two years on the job).

    Nope, no riots during the whole eight months of investigation, nor the intervening months to sentencing.

    Your argument is disingenuous at best.

  7. B,

    "Liberal guilt." You might be right. But it does get disheartening to hear my black friends tell stories about being pulled over simply for driving a nice car or hassled as they walk down the street because the police don't feel they belong in that neighborhood.

    But I'll respond to your comment with a question. At what point in this country's history (and pre-history for that matter, I mean the first slave ship docked in Virginia in 1619) have blacks had a truly level playing field to attain "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"


  8. MC,

    The investigation was timely in that it started immediately after the incident and it originated from within the department without any prodding from outside sources. The public knew that the matter was going to be addressed.

    "Your argument is disingenuous at best."

    You are entitled to your opinion.


  9. Pete: How do the cops know which kind of black man they are? Decent person or thug?

    Sadly, the percentage of black people who are not law abiding is higher than the percentage of other races.
    If I am in a black neighborhood I get the stinkeye by the cops, pulled over and checked out.

    At what point post 1950 or so have they NOT been given a truly level paying field? All they have to do is behave…..But they don't. They riot and loot, commit crimes and steal and such at a higher rate than the rest of their fellow citizens. They don't take the gifts offered them like Affirmative Action and other social programs, and USE them to get better….They simply waste the opportunities and return to the behavior that make them look like animals. But how do we tell if one is a decent person with morals, Not all black people are criminals, but many more (percentage wise) are than other races. There are more (number wise) poor whites in this country, but they don't use poverty as an excuse for their bad behavior.

    There is a reason that crime (theft robbery and murder) is higher when the racial grouping of a neighborhood is majority black. It isn't the fault of the whites. There is a reason that crime increases as the percentage of black people in a neighborhood increases…..and you can't blame white people or the police for that.

    Whites also don't riot every few years. They don't burn and loot and destroy their neighborhoods and then complain that no one will "invest in their communities". There *are* majority white protests, but they don't turn to violence and looting. Why is that?

  10. Well B, I'm starting this response at the end of the day that Alabama celebrates Jefferson Davis' birthday. It's a state holiday and all state employees get the day off, just like they do at the end of April in celebration of Confederate Memorial Day–a holiday celebrated by Alabama, Georgia and several other southern states. Kind of a kick in the teeth for the black residents of those states.

    If you were a black high school graduate in the summer of 1960, you were not allowed to attend the following universities: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Mississippi, Mississippi State and Tennessee (although your great grandfather may have been able to attend UT for a short window in the 1880s–bizarre right!). Of course you might have had difficulty qualifying for college because your schooling for grades K-12 might have been lacking thanks to the "Separate but Equal" doctrine. See states were really good at the "separate" part, but not so good with the "equal" part. Thus Brown vs. The Board of Education was decided in 1954 to begin the dismantling of the doctrine, but it took about 20-25 years to complete this process.

    In 1965, the US passed the Voters' Rights Act because a number of states in the southeast were keeping eligible black residents from voting. In 2012 and 2014, the Georgia Secretary of State used the threat of lawsuit as intimidation against two non-profits trying to register eligible black voters. That SOS was Brian Kemp, the current GA governor, who was caught on tape about 2 years ago lamenting the growing diversity of the state's population that would make it difficult for Republicans to win state office.

    For black families that did succeed and tried to move out of the bad neighborhoods, there were "red-line" policies enacted by cities throughout the country. While lower class white families were granted mortgages to buy homes where they wished and could afford, middle and upper class blacks were denied mortgages except for properties in the neighborhoods they were trying to escape. Renting an apartment led to the same end, These policies lasted well into the 1980s in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.

    And blacks did take advantage of Affirmative Action to the point that by the early to mid 1970s, whites were whining about reverse discrimination.

    I acknowledge that the problems you cite that trouble the black community are in part due to bad decisions, but I hope that you acknowledge that historical injustice towards their community also plays a role.

    As for your last paragraph regarding whites, if we were subjected to 240 years of slavery followed by 100 years of Jim Crow laws, followed by a lingering racism, I bet there would be riots and looting.

    On that note, I think that's enough from me on this subject. Thanks for the conversation; your blog forces me to look at things from a different perspective than I normally do.


  11. Pete: at what point , having invested Billions of dollars in black education, in black "reverse Discrimination" in welfare and other payments, do the "sins of the fathers" become expiated?

    The events prior to the 60's were then. this is 2020. Failure to fix the problems of the Black culture and the Black community are on the Black Population at this point. Short term thinking and poverty are NOT the fault of the White population. Not anymore.

    Do you think the rioting and looting help the relations between whites and blacks? Would you want people who might flash into violence and theft in YOUR neighborhood?

    You can blame the violence on Antifa types, but the looting of stores is nearly almost all black perpetrators. Nothing else could damage race relations more than that.

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