On the protests:

They are even happening near me (more or less peacefully)…less than 20 miles away, in a fairly affluent area where the cops generally don’t hassle anyone unless they REALLY try to get the attention of the Po-Po…Not even in the areas where there are a lot of Section 8 folks that have been relocated in an attempt to integrate them into a more affluent mindset in a fairly decent neighborhood. 

But the protest near me is about 2/3 white, 1/3 black. And they are protesting …..because……Whites must have, at some point “Put the black man down” or something.
Nevermind that the facts of the George Floyd case are not what the Media chose to show us. To quote one of my local protesters:
“Yelling facts at people doesn’t change feelings,” he said.

And that is what this is all about. Feelings. Just because someone got crossways with the police, it must be because he was black. Just because someone dies while struggling with police while being restrained for arrest, it must be the police that killed him. ‘Cause cops are racist because they investigate, detain, and sometimes arrest black people.

Of course, if anyone thinks that this round of protests” spontaneously erupted across the country then they must be stupid as well as blind , gullible, and a fool.