Did the Lockdown really do anything?

Besides trash the economy?

So now that the “lockdown” (That wasn’t a lockdown, really) is lifted here in Indiana, since more or less May 1, we should be seeing an uptick in the number of deaths …right? I mean, it has been three weeks, so we should be seeing an increase in deaths or at least symptomatic cases….Or so the “experts” tell us….

And yet, we haven’t. The number of deaths is still decreasing, and the number of symptomatic cases has also decreased…(the number of cases has increased, but so has the number of tested people…we are testing more people every day)…

One would expect that if the “lockdown” would have done anything that there would be an uptick in deaths and symptomatic cases by now. It has been over three weeks..I find it hard to believe that this “Pandemic” has burnt itself out already.

I think that the “Lockdown” didn’t do much at all, really. If it had, we’d be seeing the results of ending it by now.

What a colossal failure the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci have engineered….

Unless, of course, it was a failure and not a plan to damage our economy.

And shame on the Medical Profession for buying into this farce with no reason to believe the bullshit they were fed.

3 thoughts on “Did the Lockdown really do anything?

  1. Unfortunately we're heading into unfalsifiable territory.

    The lockdown proponents will claim that it saved us all and the lack of getting even close to the predicted death toll made by the faulty models will be used as proof that the lcokdowns worked.

  2. the response to COVID-19 is in the same playbook as "climate change." No one can prove climate change exists or doesn't exist. No one can prove that three months of house arrest did anything to stem the horrible plague. The Left will pontificate that climate change exists because it can't be proven it doesn't. They'll also blovate that the lockdowns worked miracles because no one was given the opportunity to handle it otherwise. …This is the way the Left works…

  3. A minor counterpoint to your post.

    My wife and I live in Georgia. She works in information security at a regional bank. The bank has a contractor provide enhanced data from the CDC regarding Covid-19 (the CDC gets their Georgia data from the Georgia Dept. of Health). The trends of the past seven days for Georgia show a 10% increase in infections and a 17% increase in deaths. Most surprising is the 70% DECREASE in new tests. Currently Georgia has tested approximately 523,000 of its approximately 10.6 million residents–a little less than 5%, so it's not like we should be winding down on testing.

    My interest in Georgia, besides the fact that I live here, is that it was at the tip of the spear for re-opening. The governor opened a few things at the very end of April and in early May allowed more things to open to the point that we have been back to a new sort of normal for about 2-3 weeks. About the amount of time for results of that behavior to start coming in.


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