Your padlocks are useless

No, seriously, they will keep honest people out, and (maybe) undermotivated thieves.

Man, I got the Rigid Tools cordless grinder …couple this tool with a decent cutting disc and you can cut through a grade 8 half inch bolt in less than 30 seconds.

Effectively, except for armored locks, this makes locks easy simply cut.

(yeah, I had to try it on a tungsten carbide shackle….3/8 inch shackle with a carbide core)
Like butter.

And as this is a handheld cordless unit, one can walk up to ANY lock (pr damned close to any)and simply cut the shackle with a minimal amount of noise… and at speeds which a corded grinder would be hard to beat. Yes, the battery power is limited , but not by as much as you think.

Effectively, you padlocks and steel storage containers are not gonna stop anyone who is serious about getting inside wherever you think you have locked them out of.

Farm gates? Gone is 20 seconds….Barn doors? Heh. Locks pretty much anywhere can be cut in less than a minute….and a 4 AH battery is good for about 50 minutes of actual cutting time.  Yep, nearly an hour.

Best defense is an alarm system and some cameras. If someone wants to get nto your stuff, they don’t need a key. While a torch or a sawzall type cutter will work, they don’t like harder steel. Tends to eat the teeth off of the blade, even carbide ones

A grinder (to a certain extend) simply doesn’t care what you put in front of it. A thin abrasive wheel and you are all set…..And now we have cordless tools with Lithium batteries…..

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  1. Meh, that's been true for a LONG time… Locks are for honest people.

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