A report for Harry:

The Valpo gunshow was as normal. Lots of old collectible rifles and some pistols…, lots of plastic and new guns available. Pricing for New firearms was 10-15% under MSRP.

There were no cases of old surplus import rifles for sale. Mosins were $230-300 (each), little old ammo for sale.

Powder and bullets in bulk were a bit pricey, new ammo the same. .22 LR is available, and the prices are coming down……bricks for $35-45.

Lots of lookers, not as many buyers as last year. No panic. Lots of Trump hats and such (go figure). People seemed to be waiting for prices to go down.

2 thoughts on “A report for Harry:

  1. Thanks for the update. I was afraid that might be the case. I don't buy a lot of modern guns, so I really miss being able to pick up a surplus gun at the shows. The last time I saw some at a gun show, the fellow was selling his collection of Japanese world war 2 rifles. He had some nice one's but he needed a copy of the Military Firearms Collectors Guide, because he had way overpriced them.

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