I am told

By the News Media, so the story is somewhat suspect) that the Government and people of Canada are “welcoming Syrian Refugees with open arms and smiles”.

(Perhaps the Government, but I doubt the “People” are welcoming)

I say, if it is true, fine. Let ’em have all the Syrian refugees they want to take in. In fact, they can have all the ones that aren’t welcome here.

A caution, however:

They should look to most of western Europe for examples. Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. Where even the police and other white people can’t go before they welcome too many,….but hey, they can invite as many as they want into their country. We don’t get a say.

Of course, at some point we will likely have to build a border wall in the north too, and the fallout of the unchecked muslim immigration  will, eventually, cause issues with the maple syrup supply and the some other Canadian products like back bacon and whisky, but I am sure we will adapt when the Syrians take over canadia.

A joke? Not really.

One thought on “I am told

  1. As far as the maple syrup is concerned, you know that most of what is sold in today's superdupermarkets is fake, right? But it would behoove us to plant lots more Acer saccarum (Sugar Maple) to meet the real U.S. demand.

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