Just FYI:

The “Day Without an (Illegal) Immigrant was, again, a flop.

This despite the help from the Media.

Such a surprise.

2 thoughts on “Just FYI:

  1. I figure anyplace that was shut because the illegals didn't show up to work would be a nice place for ICE to visit. I fail to understand why we aren't more aggressive on arresting blatant criminals. They have the audacity to picket in crowds with signs advertising they are illegal, and police stand by and allow them to be. They are not citizens. They do not have the right to free speech. They are here ILLEGALLY. Get ICE out doing their job. Go to the rallies with buses. Round up the illegals as they picket and immediately deport them. Enough of this nonsense. The left can't figure out why Trump is in. It is because of this BS.

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