24 yearz ago

TheATF attacked the “Branch Davidians”compound in a remote part of rural Waco Texas. Believing that the isolated ocation would allow them to get away with a commando style raid, the untrained agents stormed the compound…leading to a debacle that lasted an additional 50 days and one that showed the ineptness of the ATF management and the Federal  oversight of that agency.

Further, it showe the Federal Government use propaganda to demonize the Branch Davidians and whitewash the mess the Feds made when they negotiated and eventually stormed the compound and killed 76 people.

Somewhere I have a t-shirt that asks the question: “Is Your Church BATF Approved?

‘Tis a good question….

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  1. That was a commonly seen bumpersticker around Las Vegas in '94. Don't forget that the Fibbies were deeply involved in that mess. Actually, they were running it by the end, IIRC.

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