IF they work, why worry?

I have a person with whom I used to work who went full bore into the Covid fear. She has, effectively, been a recluse since March 2020 in fear of getting the covid. She has her groceries delivered, does not leave the house if she can help it, etc. Her fear of the Wu-Flu is almost to the point of psychosis.

She called the other day…”I can now meet with vaccinated people,,,,wanna have lunch?”

Sorry, I’ve not had the Covid shot

“Oh, then I can’t see you…only vaccinated people”.

I refrained from pointing out that she had no idea about the vaccination status of the other people we might have interacted with, or been close to, while having lunch…Like servers, hostesses, other patrons, etc

And I should get a medal for NOT embarassing her (not that she would get understand the logic) by pointing out the disparity in her thinking: that if the “Vaccine” works, then there is no reason to fear interacting with people who have not had the shot (she’d be protected)….and if it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t matter if I had the shot or not.


2 thoughts on “IF they work, why worry?

  1. My mom’s the same way. She’ll miss out on the last years of her life due to her fear. She’ll exist a few more years, but she won’t have lived… She says she “worries for me” That’s her way of saying “You’re stupid for thinking the way you do.” I just let her go with it. No use having that argument anymore…

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