50/50 it is a false flag

Seems that a couple of statues of George Floyd were vandalized with spray paint…..

And, of course, the people who did it left the name of a “known racist white supremacist group” on the statue as well….

While I don’t condone this sort of behavior, I am somewhat amused by the people’s reaction to thos…I mean, it was OK to tear down other people’s statues in a paroxysm of hate, however tenuous their connection to slavery or oppression of black people or whatever….Now that THEIR revered statues are being vandalized, they are all butthurt. Kinda different when the shoe is on the other hand, innit there folks?


And supposedly there is video of the vandalism…but we aren’t being allowed to see it. I expect that it shown people with more malinin than the average redneck doing the deed….

3 thoughts on “50/50 it is a false flag

  1. A fella could make a lot of Bronze bushings out of a statue like that. Just saying…

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