An excellent choice they made

Seems that the Kenosha City council chose to reject the claim from Jacob Blake for damages. 


Jacob Blake had many chances to make the end of his arrest, in fact, the entire day, end differently.

He didn’t have to start shit at the gathering such that the police were called…

He didn’t have to have a warrant that he had not dealt with.

He didn’t have to be uncooperative with the police when they found out he had a warrant.

He didn’t have to resist arrest.

He didn’t have to continue to resist after he was tazed.

He didn’t have to walk towrds the car promising to shoot people.

He could have stopped the encounter at any point.

He chose to continue and be stubborn and foolish.

He chose the path that led to the bad outcome.

He is owed no compensation. He made the choices…over and over.

Of course, he will sue, and might get some money, even though he should not.

But Kudos to the Kenosha council for sayng “No”.



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