Questions Re: Brussels:

How many times just prior to the bombing did the “authorities” tell people that “there is no credible threat”…Just like we hear here in the United States?

How is it that the Police in and around Brussels were able to know who to arrest immediately after the bombing at the airport?  And in France and Germany as well…..(“Round up all the usual suspects”)…..If they knew who these people were, and they were able to break up an attack in the “late planning stages” then why were these people at large?

If the landlord where these folks rented an apartment was aware that the tenants were “odd” and used a  fake name and that the apartment had a lot of chemical smells and liquids that leaked through the ceiling of the apartment below (according to CBS news) that smelled of chemicals…..Why didn’t he bother to report it to the cops? Lessee here: Paid cash, put a fake name on the mailbox, chemical smells, lots of Islamic visitors coming and going……Nah, nothing to see here folks, move along……

(I figure, from the descriptions given, that they were making “Mother of Satan”….TATP. Not for the timid. It isn’t stable….and it is…energetic. Don’t ask me how I know.)

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