Things I learned this weekend:

I bought a scale from Amazon.

One like This One.

(Of course, I hadda get a chain so I could hang it from the bucket, and a swivel so that I wouldn’t damage the scale with a live load, but hey, even guys get to accessorize, right?)

Now, my small tractor will pick up about 1950 lbs at the end of the bucket if the conditions are right, and I move a lot of things, so I wanted to find out how much, exactly, some of those things weigh.

I learned that the bucket for the backhoe (which I can sorta pick up and scoot, but barely) weighs about 268 lbs.

I learned that the wedges of wood that I pick up and put on the splitter weigh from 140-230 lbs. I can carry those…mostly.

The pieces that I cannot quite pick up weigh in around 320 lbs.

The big 35″ rounds from which I make the above pieces weigh in from 550 to 780 lbs.

The plate that I made for the boom so I could pick things up higher weighs about 172 lbs. No wonder I have issues moving it….The Bush Hog (that I cannot move by myself at all) weighs 694 lbs.

I learned that the log tongs I made a year ago twist at about 1750 lbs. ( now I gotta spend time with the press to make ’em flat again, but hey, I hadda find out, right?)

Now, at least, I know.

I had thought that I was weaker than that, actually. No wonder my knees hurt after splitting wood.

One thought on “Things I learned this weekend:

  1. Impressive. That's why I don't use the tongs they always end up bending on me or getting caught on some other tree I don't want to damage.

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