Remember this next time the Muslims say you have to accommodate their religion

Blast kills over 50 in Lahore Easter Celebration


Respect other religions…..

“Religion of peace” and all that.

May be true for some, but how do we separate them?

How do we know that average nice guy who is a Muslim won’t suddenly suffer from Sudden Jihad Syndrome? It HAS happened here, and it will again.

Ar you willing to risk your children and family?

(I find it sad, because I know many seemingly decent people who are muslim……?)

I am all for letting people practice their religion as they see fit (as long as it fits our Constitution and harms no one) but it has to be a two way street….and with Islam, it doesn’t seem to be any way but their version of Islam. In fact, Muslims are the largest killers of Muslims…because the muslims they kill practice a different version of the “Religion of Peace”.