How soon til it happens to the US?

First Cyprus, then Greece, Europe in general (especially Western Europe).

Now the Canadian Government is planning Bail Ins for large depositors.

Seems like the more free stuff the government gives it’s citizens, the sooner they have to resort to shenanigans like this to pay the debts.

Odd that.

One wonders though, if you have worked all your life, made good decisions, maybe good investments or sold a house for profit,:

Where does one put his money where it can be safe?

Large safes? Coffee cans buried in the yard by moonlight?

Seriously, if the banks aren’t safe, and might give you a 20+% haircut, where do you put your money? Swiss accounts? Large safes? Where is it safe?

2 thoughts on “How soon til it happens to the US?

  1. Nowhere, unless it's in gold or silver, and then you'll pay a penalty for selling it… sigh

  2. I've been wondering about that myself.

    Because when you say "The day they do it is the day we need to start hanging politicians" they don't think you mean it.

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