Oddly, they are never choirboys

Nearly every person who is shot by police, be they black miscreants or white miscreants, Hispanic or Asian, innocent or not, has had experience with the police and the court system before.

Example: our Black Man killed by police du jour: Mr. Rayshard Brooks.

He had been arrested and imprisoned in 2014 for FOUR charges…. False Imprisonment, Simple Battery/Family, Battery Simple and Felony Cruelty/Cruelty to Children. He was on probation. 

Not a choirboy, as they say.

And, apparently, that explains why he fought arrest. He didn’t want to go back to prison (even though it was a futile thing, they knew who he was and they had his car….they would simply have issued a warrant and added to his woes with two additional charges…resisting arrest and felony DWI…but I doubt, in the heat of the moment, he was thinking rationally.

No one, especially the media (or the BLM folks) ever seem to notice that they are backing a criminal. It doesn’t matter to them, all they see is a Black Man. Which raises the question:

Who is the racist here? 

One thought on “Oddly, they are never choirboys

  1. Just playing with an idea here. Don't take it to the bank.

    What if we outsourced incarceration just like we have outsourced so much else of our economy.

    What if we paid Nigeria or Ghana to house and rehabilitate our "strike-three" felons? Think of how awesome that would be for their economy. We could pay 30% a month with the remainder due upon return of the prisoner if alive.

    How could any BLM activist object? The incarceration would be free from the taint of White Privilege and the "it takes a village" culture of Africa would undoubtedly cause the felon to rethink his life choices.

    You realize that I am just following the BLM thinking to its logical conclusion.

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