Just say “no”

I’m not advocating Mob Rule here, but since the Governments seem to be allowing the Mob to run rampant, perhaps others in our society should start taking matters into our own hands a bit, if only to stop the wholesale destruction of our history….

Perhaps it is time for some upstanding citizens to start defending those monuments the Mob hates so much, and that the police are choosing not to defend.

Since the police are standing by while Mobs of Black Lives Matter (or those claiming to be) are tearing down monuments. Perhaps we should stand between them and the Mob. A line of people, perhaps carrying signs (conveniently) stapled to a Louisville Slugger shaped handle. Of course, things could get somewhat …Kinetic…in the ensuing argument, but that might not be a bad thing, as long as no one died or was too seriously injured.  Not advocating violence here, but a line of people standing around these monuments, simply saying”no” and refusing to let them pass with their ropes and sledgehammers and crowbars might be a good thing.

If some folks then got bruises, it might make the others think.

We have what we have in this country because we protect it. We pay our police offers (via taxes) to do that protecting…normally. If, however, the police choose to stand by and allow a Mob to wantonly destroy our public treasures, then perhaps we, as a population need to step up.

I’d much rather the police do so, mind you. They are trained and have the tools to (more or less) properly restrain the miscreants. We don’t. But needs be when the police are absent or fail to act.

Yes, this also makes Us a Mob. But a mob bent on protecting rather than destroying.

The real reason these people do what they do is because they are no stopped nor disciplined for doing. Like a child or a puppy that is never disciplined, they never learn right from wrong.

A bit of Hickory Shampoo might teach them, if the police choose not to stop them.

Again, not advocating that we hunt them down or anything, simply that we stand in their way as they try to do illegal acts.

What happens then is up to the Mob themselves.

10 thoughts on “Just say “no”

  1. Anyone know where a civilian can buy beanbag rounds for a shotgun? Asking for a friend.

  2. but the cops ARE enforcing the laws on US, so we go to jail trying to keep THEM from doing the wrong thing. catch22.

  3. I don't wish anyone to get killed, nor hurt.

    I just want the Mob to obey the laws. Stop destroying property.

    I'd rather see them create, rather than tear down.

    They don't get to decide what stays and what goes.

    If the cops won't stop them, then the citizens might choose to do so.

  4. A much more complete article is here: https://heavy.com/news/2020/06/albuquerque-protest-shooting-video/

    Apparently the man was attacked and physically assaulted by the crowd. He tried pepper spray or mace first but was still attacked. The person shot was the wielder of a longboard that was used as a weapon to hit him.

    There’s ample video of that also. Clearly self-defense.

  5. MC and OldNFO…don't do that. The Leftists want their memes regardless of reality. They get pissy when you point out the truth

  6. They arrested the guy who clearly was being attacked and defended himself,, Albequerque needs to let that guy go,, no bail, no charges,, And Stopping a violent mob from destroying things should get treated as a good thing,, not a bad thing,, Im talkin about the chief of police and mayor, courthouse steps, cameras rolling, citizenship award or something,,
    Its not true that ya Cant fix Stupid,, ya can,, But its gonna HURT..

  7. To make law and order, you sometimes have to break a few eggs. That means you might have to *hurt* some people. I know, you really just want to *bruise* them, but they are destroying our history, our legacy, our inspiration, and our aspirations for freedom. WHY do they destroy the statues of our heroes ? To erase our beloved country so they can enslave us in some NEW country. After they destroy and erase our country, they will destroy and eliminate you and me. Am I exaggerating ? No. Just listen to and read their own words. They want to destroy our country and kill all of us.

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