wasn’t it just about 19 years ago

That the Left told us not to judge an entire group based on the actions and behavior of just a few?

Of course, that was Muslims. Followers of the Koran, the word of Mohammed the Prophet….a downtrodden minority group.

But they won’t give the same consideration to cops…police, the enforcers of the laws of the country. They are a reviled group, hated by those folks who don’t think that the rules apply to them. Instead, they judge all cops on the behavior of a few.

If you remove the Left’s double standards, they’d have no standards at all. 

One thought on “wasn’t it just about 19 years ago

  1. I've been muttering this since the beginning of the latest BLM chimpout. Windows are breaking, looting is happening, and buildings are burning because, according to "BLM," "Whitey" is lumping all black people into the same stereotype. Of course, it's PERFECTLY OK for "Blackie" to lump all whites and cops into the same stereotype. It MUST be OK. It's being underwritten by the mayors of Seattle, L.A, New York… hell; the entire DNC!

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