CMP goodness

So Fed-Ex delivered my 1911 to the FFl .

On Monday, they called and said that my number had come up and I was gonna get the 1911 I had applied for. They shipped it Tuesday, and it arrived Wed

I got to see it, and handle it, but can’t take delivery until Thursday evening.

It is a Remington Rand, likely delivered in late 1944.

It has a new barrel and bushing, is nicely (re)-parkerized, and has an obviously new bit of lockwork. The trigger and hammer appear to be correct, but I’m not enough of an expert to know for sure at first glance. …The trigger is crisp, but is gonna take some shooting to smooth out and lighten up. I bet it is 6 lbs. Kinda looks like they jacked up the slide and the frame and replaced everything under the hood….

I’ll take a box of 50 ball ammo and see how well it shoots tonight. I’ts not gonna be a safe queen. Maybe not a carry gun, but few of my firearms are safe queens.

Might do pictures later. 

2 thoughts on “CMP goodness

  1. Go over to the forum on There are plenty of guys who will sleuth what you have.

    And, congratulations for the new old heater.

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