So why do the police allow it?

Many statues taken down by the crowds in cities across the country today, Saturday, June 20th.

Yet the police stand by and watch.

Blatant Destruction of Public Property. Easy to see. Easy, really, to stop.

Yet they stand there.

Are they afraid of the crowd?

Or are they under orders to stand their by the Mayors of those (generally, but not always) Blue cities?

Either way, are the police not supposed to prevent such actions? Or are they simply political police, who only enforce laws and prevent actions when it is easy and approved? 

Again, if the elected government chooses to pass legislation to remove the statues, that is one thing: But to allow a Mob to make that decision?

At what point will the Police step up and stop this behavior?

Note: these folks destroying the statues claim they are “Racist”.

Do I get to destroy things that I see as “racist”?  Just because I FEELZ that it is racist? Who gets to decide the validity of the “Felling” of something being “Racist”?

4 thoughts on “So why do the police allow it?

  1. Carmen Best (Police Chief of Seattle) was TOLD to pull out of the Seattle precinct house and to hand CHAZ over to the revolutionaries.

    My guess is that most of the energy is from the elected officials who want to have their cake and eat it, too.

  2. Unfortunately, the communists/protesters/radicals WILL NOT STOP until there is a civil war. That is what they want under the mistaken belief that their ideology can overcome an awakened citizenry that loves our country and coincidentally (NOT) owns 300 million guns. If a civil war starts, and who knows HOW it would start, every stinking communist would be killed. It would be HORRIFIC ! And there is a chance that it could turn into a race war- against the rebellious low-energy blacks, or the illegal mexicans, or both. No one in their right mind wants a civil war- it would be far worse than the conflict of 1861 to 1865. That's why we need to crack down and stop this lawlessness right now.

  3. They allow it because we allow it. The police are our servants, not our masters. The people WE elected tell them what to do. The loudest voices are saying this is what the people want, and there are no other voices, except on the internet. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." and We The People have been asleep.

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