Except when they don’t.

Black Lives Matter…..Right?

So I fully expect to see the people marching in the streets, demanding that the perpetrator of this heinous crime be hung or something.

And I fully expect marchers to be demanding that something be done to change this systemic killing of children and young adults.

I expect Al Sharpton and the other black “preachers” to tell us all how this sort of killing is forever scarring the soul of the Black Community…

Or not. 

A 3-year-old was shot and killed while riding in a vehicle Saturday night in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side

A three year old child….Does That Life Matter? 

(and there were over 50 other people shot in the greater South and West sides in Chicago this weekend…)

Anyone wanna bet that the “Black Community” will ignore this? That they will simply chalk it up to another day in the South Side of Chicago?  Since this isn’t unusual in the black community (Drive by shootings are common in the Austin neighborhood) and since the media (and whoever drove the George Floyd protest circus) isn’t fanning the outrage, I will bet good hard cash that there will be …..nothing. No protest, no marches (and therefore, thankfully, no looting) but also no calls for “justice” no calls for “reform” , no cries of “racism” (’cause chances are it wasn’t a white man who did the shooting)…..And chances are that the stepdad who was driving wasn’t a choirboy….And he knows who did this. 

In other words, “Black Lives Matter” only when the Media pushes the meme and when it is a black criminal at the hands of a white police officer….And there is cell phone video that can be edited to make it look like injustice.