Exalted Grand Kleagle of the Klan:

So are the Black Lives Matter folks gonna demand the eradication of the statues and the removal of the names of the (many many) buildings that were named for him?

You know, the (Democrat) Senator that gave so much of the taxpayers money to the folks in West Virginia while also leading the Klan as the Grand Kleagle or whatever his title was as the National Leader of the Klu Klux Klan?

Yes, I am referring to the grand exalted Kleagle (and Senator) Robert C Byrd. The one whose name adorns nearly every third library, post office, DMV in West Virginia?

The Senator who has 5 out of 8 bridges (large AND small) named after him in the State?
Whose name adorns an AIRPORT?

You know, the Democrat Senator who opposed the Civil Rights Act, who opposed LBGT rights,
Who was Eulogized after his death by both Barry Obama and Nancy Pelosi (spit), and whom Hillary Clinton (and Bill as well) considered to be a mentor? …..Even though he was a racist, by any reasonable definition.

Is Nancy gonna have his portrait removed from the Halls of the Capitol, and his name stricken from the records of the House and Senate?

Are we gonna remove him from history like the Mob wishes to remove those statues? And as Nancy did with those Representatives who were Confederates?

And after that, are they gonna go after Yale University?

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  1. It's also on a large radio telescope at Green Bank.

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