So what happened to Global Warming

Or, as they call it now, “Climate Change”.


Have you noticed? All those mitigation efforts have essentially disappeared in the wake of the “Covid Emergency”. No one is talking about “Climate Change”…not even Al the Gore. People line up at drive throughs like it was 1999,,,spewing tons of auto exhaust….no one cares about the environment anymore? Or is it that the RightThink that was Global Warming has now become the RigthtThink that is Covid? Have people found another set of words and actions they can follow and say that will make them fit in better? Dialectic to repeat in order to be Socially Acceptable? Words to Repeat  and actions to be Seen Doing in order to Fit In?


Hell, even White Guilt and Check Your Privilege has gone by the wayside since Covid came out.


Southwest caves

So here we see that Defiance works.


Southwest Airlines caves on vaccine mandate

It isn’t easy to run an airline when your hard to replace employees stand firm and say “NO!”. Flight attendants, pilots, ground personnel, etc. can be replaced, just no quickly. It takes years to train a pilot, moths to train a flight attendant, and more than a few weeks to train those ground personnel (just getting them federally certified to work the line takes weeks).

So Southwest is in a bind….their employees don’t want to take the Jab, and are refusing. The Feds are telling them that they have to do so (apparently there is an OSHA mandate in the works to make forcing them legal, but it isn’t a mandate yet) but they have to have employees to fly passengers…..And they caved to reality.

The crack are forming. This should be interesting.

As an aside, since Joe has exempted the Federal Courts and the Postal Service, would the Southwest folks be able to claim “Equal Protection under the Law”? I mean, if the Postal Service folks are not enough of a threat (covid wise) then why should the Southwest workers be a threat to public health? Kinda inconsistent, doncha think? (Makes me believe that this is a Political Mandate rather than a Public Health Mandate).

Either way, we see how large groups of hard to replace people can set the rules.


Colin Powell, fully vaccinated

Dies “from Covid-19”.

Now, he was an old man, but still, here we have an example of a person who has the best possible health care, “Fully vaccinated” , having gotten a case of Covid and losing his life over it. It would appear that the shot didn’t help him (or his wife) from getting covid.

Why, again, should I get my covid shot?  It does not, apparently, protect one from covid…..which is weird ’cause I heard the Federal Government tell me just the other day that it would. That I should “Trust US” enough to believe them that this would keep me healthy.

My condolences to General Powell’s family and friends.

Congrats to my niece

Spent the weekend celebrating her marriage to her new husband.


I heartily approve.


And a good time was had by all.


But when did those people get so old?

And we see that defiance works:

So the City of Chicago blinked….

“No officers will be sent home regardless of “Vaccine” status.

They realize that they need the cops more than the cops need them. Faced with at least half of their force being unable to work due to the new rules, the Chicago Administration (Lightfoot) backed down.


I fear for my nation

Every time I drive….As I keep seeing, more and more, people driving their cars, alone WITH MASKS ON.

It makes me want to weep for my nation…these people vote, after all.

This oughta be interesting…..

Seems that less than half of the Chicago Police officers have taken the “Vaccine” and their deadline is tomorrow.


The FOP has said that officers should show up for duty and force their superiors to send them home.

It is expected that if the City of Chicago enforces the “Mandate” that there will be less than half the normal number of police officers on duty this weekend.

I feel for the folks on the South and West sides, and all the other neighborhoods where only the Police are keeping the crime away.

I expect the City to blink, but we shall see.


’tis interesting

How some people who have no knowledge pontificate on how the vaccines work, or the new Meck Covid pill work, or how Ivermectin doesn’t.

When it becomes obvious that they are unsure how RNA works, or how mRNA works, much less how the Merck drug damages the duplication in RNA…Or that they have even looked beyond the headlines when it comes to the data on our current treatments…

I am pretty sure that they never had biology much past high school, and that their main source of data is Wikipedia and Slate….And the New York Times and CBSNBCABC

It shows when they try to explain how Ivermectin is useless and dangerous for humans and such, and how the Covid mRNA stuff is safe….And an untested Cytosine analogue will not damage the RNA of anything but the Covid virus….Or even how such treatments work (or don’t).

I find it interesting that they claim that Ivermectin is untested and unsafe, but fail to realize that it has been around (and used on humans) since the early 80’s….but it is an unsafe “HorsePaste” because that is it’s main use here in the United States (but is used extensively by humans throughout the rest of the world)….but they are willing to take a treatment that has had very little testing and whose rate of side effects (and death) would make any other “Vaccine” be pulled from the market (look up the Swine Flu vaccine for an example)….. and all this for a disease with a 99+% rate of survival.

These people have bought into the fear, and see the government-approved pharmaceuticals as their savior…their belief is much like the folks who say we Must Do Something about Global Warming even though the data is crap and the temperature measurements simply don’t bear the “warming” hypothesis out…..and yet don’t want to live the lifestyle they preach for others….I wonder if the Venn diagrams for those folks overlap a lot?


Reality strikes them in the face

And, like a good right cross, it hurts when it hits.

Oil, gas and energy prices surge across europe and asia as governments and utilities realize that “Green” sources of energy just ain’t gonna keep them warm this winter….

Whoda thunk it? Unreliable and intermittent supplies of electricity might just need some kind of other supply to replace them when it is cloudy or not windy (or both)….

And when everyone shuts down the alternative sources of electricity you cannot import electricity from you neighbor….cause they have none to spare.

When Wind and Solar don’t get it, yer left with the old standby….dead dinosaurs….(’cause coal is Right Out)…oil or natural gas is the only way to supply large amounts of electricity (and heat) when those “renewables” fail…Such as wind and solar are wont to do.

If you can’t control it, you can’t rely on it.