Colin Powell, fully vaccinated

Dies “from Covid-19”.

Now, he was an old man, but still, here we have an example of a person who has the best possible health care, “Fully vaccinated” , having gotten a case of Covid and losing his life over it. It would appear that the shot didn’t help him (or his wife) from getting covid.

Why, again, should I get my covid shot?  It does not, apparently, protect one from covid…..which is weird ’cause I heard the Federal Government tell me just the other day that it would. That I should “Trust US” enough to believe them that this would keep me healthy.

My condolences to General Powell’s family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Colin Powell, fully vaccinated

  1. He was also immunity suppressed due to a blood cancer he was fighting. He was lost either way, but they ‘conveniently’ assign it to the WuFlu for the politics… sad…

  2. Old NFO has got it. Always a toss up whether the cancer or the therapy is worse. Gets to the old game of death WITH COVID or death FROM COVID.

    I’m going with the cause being the long legged pretty nurse who walked past his open doorway. Something will inevitably get you, might as well be a lovely woman…..

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