Southwest caves

So here we see that Defiance works.


Southwest Airlines caves on vaccine mandate

It isn’t easy to run an airline when your hard to replace employees stand firm and say “NO!”. Flight attendants, pilots, ground personnel, etc. can be replaced, just no quickly. It takes years to train a pilot, moths to train a flight attendant, and more than a few weeks to train those ground personnel (just getting them federally certified to work the line takes weeks).

So Southwest is in a bind….their employees don’t want to take the Jab, and are refusing. The Feds are telling them that they have to do so (apparently there is an OSHA mandate in the works to make forcing them legal, but it isn’t a mandate yet) but they have to have employees to fly passengers…..And they caved to reality.

The crack are forming. This should be interesting.

As an aside, since Joe has exempted the Federal Courts and the Postal Service, would the Southwest folks be able to claim “Equal Protection under the Law”? I mean, if the Postal Service folks are not enough of a threat (covid wise) then why should the Southwest workers be a threat to public health? Kinda inconsistent, doncha think? (Makes me believe that this is a Political Mandate rather than a Public Health Mandate).

Either way, we see how large groups of hard to replace people can set the rules.


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