So what happened to Global Warming

Or, as they call it now, “Climate Change”.


Have you noticed? All those mitigation efforts have essentially disappeared in the wake of the “Covid Emergency”. No one is talking about “Climate Change”…not even Al the Gore. People line up at drive throughs like it was 1999,,,spewing tons of auto exhaust….no one cares about the environment anymore? Or is it that the RightThink that was Global Warming has now become the RigthtThink that is Covid? Have people found another set of words and actions they can follow and say that will make them fit in better? Dialectic to repeat in order to be Socially Acceptable? Words to RepeatĀ  and actions to be Seen Doing in order to Fit In?


Hell, even White Guilt and Check Your Privilege has gone by the wayside since Covid came out.


3 thoughts on “So what happened to Global Warming

  1. Oh, it’s definitely very much still there on their agenda. They’re big-time pushing their Green New Deal in the 3.5 trillion dollar plan. It’s all about increasing government power and control and immiserating the citizenry, and Covid rules along with the GND help them along that path.

  2. Prioities. If they can get control and trash the economy with the COVID Karens, why try and use the theoretical pie in the sky monster which only has “meaning” on a hot day or after a wild fire? And tactics.

    Certain money now (donations, book deals, investments, etc) are more important than a long battle against the economy. “Retirement” is coming soon and no one will contribute over a maybe problem 10 years in the future.

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