This oughta be interesting…..

Seems that less than half of the Chicago Police officers have taken the “Vaccine” and their deadline is tomorrow.


The FOP has said that officers should show up for duty and force their superiors to send them home.

It is expected that if the City of Chicago enforces the “Mandate” that there will be less than half the normal number of police officers on duty this weekend.

I feel for the folks on the South and West sides, and all the other neighborhoods where only the Police are keeping the crime away.

I expect the City to blink, but we shall see.


2 thoughts on “This oughta be interesting…..

  1. The “fired” v “quit/resign” is a contract thing. The failure of the city to provide enforcement and prosecution is the result of corruption and fantasy.

    The corrupt city governments have been stealing everything they can get their paws on. Now, they are prattling about how safe, caring and peaceful the ghetto communities will be when all that cash spent on law enforcement is turned over to programs where they can steal even more. The ghetto population will pay in blood for this scam and the Corruptocrats don’t care as long as they get theirs.

    Cities are doomed relics of 19th Century travel (railroads) and early communications (telegraph, teletype, telephone). No one needs them any longer. Business, jobs, etc have moved to the surround, leaving the useless remainder to feed on one another. The Corruptocrats are just stealing what little is left, before the old structures collapse. Detroit was just the first.

    The worrisome part is the model of Compton (Calif) and the wide open borders. Compton was an almost a 100% Black municipality with ~100 murders per year. The Hispanics and their gangs moved in. After a few years of “troubles”, the surviving Black residents moved to adjacent ghettoes leaving Compton ~70% Hispanic with next to no violent crime. I suspect that is the plan for Chicago, Bal’mer, Filthydelphia, San Louis d’ Muddysippi, etc.

    Guess what is coming to your neighborhood…….

  2. I suspect your analysis is correct, city will blink. City will claim moral victory, wrote out policy (though not enforced); form over substance. FOP offers city way out – don’t ask, don’t tell. Interesting, pathetic too.

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