I fear for my nation

Every time I drive….As I keep seeing, more and more, people driving their cars, alone WITH MASKS ON.

It makes me want to weep for my nation…these people vote, after all.

2 thoughts on “I fear for my nation

  1. I’ve seen people walking around outside in the sunshine wearing masks, this is the level of conditioning people have let themselves be influenced to, that no matter what, they will place trust in someone that tells them how to live, instead of using critical thinking and reason. Very few people know how to be independent thinking adults in this “modern society”, and those of us who do comment on blogs such as this. Your fear is not mis-placed.

  2. agreed, but its weird, local grocery was full of maskers one day, none the next. the big box lumber store nary a mask to be seen except employees. the walmart was masked up and the clerk at the door looked shocked that i wasn’t wearing one. i haven’t masked up at all with exception of the dr’s office and a brief stint at work, which i quit two months ago rather than mask/test/vax.

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