And we see that defiance works:

So the City of Chicago blinked….

“No officers will be sent home regardless of “Vaccine” status.

They realize that they need the cops more than the cops need them. Faced with at least half of their force being unable to work due to the new rules, the Chicago Administration (Lightfoot) backed down.


3 thoughts on “And we see that defiance works:

  1. I am surprised. I thought that Chicago would be happy to use this opportunity to cut expenses. Cities like Chicago are relics of the railroad age. No one needs the concentration that they provide. So no commuters will be threatened, by the loss of police since ever fewer people are working there. The prosecuters are not taking the thugs off the street, I guess to avoid “mass incarceration”. The Feds have been ignoring “illegal” firearms, i.e. firearms held and used by “prohibited persons”. So who needs the police? EMS and free medical care are all that the population seem to care about. The population in north city would probably be better off with private armed security, until they move out.

    The China Cof is a biggest threat to people with untreated medical “comorbidities”. The website “” tracks death in Chicago. 95+% of the COVID deaths were in people with one or multiple untreated medical comorbidities. The vaccination of the Police just doesn’t matter to the mostly unvaccinated population. The mostly ignored deaths from the vaccination and the long-term risk of autoimmune disease would make anyone in decent health with an IQ above room temperature refuse the shot. It just isn’t right for the corrupt city to miss this opportunity to get rid of CPD people who actually think for them selves. Looks like Mayor “Groot” fumbled this opportunity.

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