Reality strikes them in the face

And, like a good right cross, it hurts when it hits.

Oil, gas and energy prices surge across europe and asia as governments and utilities realize that “Green” sources of energy just ain’t gonna keep them warm this winter….

Whoda thunk it? Unreliable and intermittent supplies of electricity might just need some kind of other supply to replace them when it is cloudy or not windy (or both)….

And when everyone shuts down the alternative sources of electricity you cannot import electricity from you neighbor….cause they have none to spare.

When Wind and Solar don’t get it, yer left with the old standby….dead dinosaurs….(’cause coal is Right Out)…oil or natural gas is the only way to supply large amounts of electricity (and heat) when those “renewables” fail…Such as wind and solar are wont to do.

If you can’t control it, you can’t rely on it.

2 thoughts on “Reality strikes them in the face

  1. Sailing vessels were a mareand time-honored technology that was abandoned since you could never depend on it. Even the nasty coal-fired steam engines were preferrable. Same lesson coming around again.

  2. There is a reason, when building an off-grid solar home that there are enough batteries to run the house for 3 days at a minimum along with a generator to charge them when needed-you can’t trust the sun to be there when you need it.

    Pity the EuroGrid builders didn’t see that footnote.

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