Is every death of a black man

who fights back against police while being arrested and tries to run gonna be a Federal Investigation?

At what point do we simply accept that these people are turds? Felony warrant, struggles, tries to run, drive at police, gets shot. Bodycam and other footage proves this.

This criminal life matters to the Media….and BLM. But not the 30 people shot on the South Side of Chicago last weekend. (not a one by the Police)….Those, becuae they were likely shot by other black people, are ignored.

Instead of railing at the Police and white people in general, they should clean out their own mess. Deal with their own issues. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, Stop covering up their own culture’s failings. Discard their trash and uplift the good, instead of the reverse.

Yeah, I know, “Racisssss”. Whatever.


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Stand back: Genius at work

So here in Indiana, we have been suddenly bombarded with urgent messages on the Cell Phone EMS system telling us about the availability of Covid vaccinations (several counties over)….I got 12 messages today on the EMS Cell alert system… telling me that “Free J&J and Phizer covid jabs are available are availble in RVLT high school 730 w 25th ave, Gary”.

Not a real Emergency for the Emergency Message System.

Now this is how you get people to ignore real alert messages. Cry Wolf. In NO WAY is the availability of Covid shots an Emergency, nor Urgent, or anything but advertisement.

Not so oddly, the phone numbers for the folks responsible went STRAIGHT to voice mail.

I will follow up tomorrow.


Almost 12,000

11,863 to be exact.

That is the number of rounds that the Non-Ruger 10-22 took before needing cleaning due to malfunctions caused by soot in the reciever and bolt. (there was a LOT of soot there too). Up until the last 5 or 10 rounds, it was shooting a half minute of angle or so. Then it wouldn’t stay on the paper (or load without malfs) and I think the bolt wasn’t closing all the way or something……

It had been a year and a half since I had had to disassemble it for cleaning…So long, in fact, that I found the booklet that came with my other (made by Ruger) 10-22 and reviewed the disassembly process just so I was sure I remembered how….

Took a LOT of cleaning to get all that schmutz out of the bolt and reciever. The barrel was, surprisingly, clean. (Tactical Innovations bolt and receiver and a Whistle Pig aluminum barrel) The Kidd trigger was clean, so I left it alone.

Should be good for another 11+K rounds now. I’ll take it to the Range for my usual Tuesday morning meetup with Bill and others and see how it runs.

New shooter:

So the instructor who taught me my twin engine stuff asked if I could take her to the range and let her shoot.

Of course I would.

Schedules took a bit of time to mesh, but we did make it work and met up at the range.

A short, but thorough,  safety lesson and some instruction on the parts of a pistol and a revolver, and we went into the range inself.

We started out with the Colt Woodsman, but it decided to be finicky (it does that at random times, never been able to fix it) , so we moved to the GSG/Sig 1911-22 and then the Buckmark with the red dot.

She did well, and wanted to try more, so then we moved to a P238 and then a Shield in 9mm….she liked the Sig but not the Shield.

Of course, she had to try the 1911 in .45, but she really liked the 238 best.

Out of time, we cleaned up and left the range.

She wants to go again.

One more person who, if not pro gun, isn’t gonna be anti-gun.


Apparently Google does not like all the Blogspot blogs. I get a warning about “Phishing” from all of the ones in my sidebar


You’d think that Goggle would not let that happen…..

It is a shame

I mean, we see on the “NewZ” how hard (and for how long) the Federal and State Law Enforcement folks are working on identifying and finding those people who expressed their outrage at the results of the elections on Jan 6th at the Capitol.

In fact, it shows that, given enough time, the Law Enforcement folks can find nearly anyone.

Marine Corps officer is first known active-duty service member charged in Capitol riot

But it is a shame that they haven’t spend as much time (or effort) finding those people who, 6 months before, were buring, looting and killing others in the BLM riots, often with better data to work from (lots more videos and photos on Social Media, and ususally lots more professionally shot video, as well as cell phone records and such)…yet the FBI and other agencied DID NOT EVEN TRY to find THOSE criminals….The word was that they could not identify people with the information they had…..but that is the same info they are using to go after anyone within a mile of the Capitol.

Why did the law enforcement folks not apply the same level of sleuthing to bring the people who caused Billions of dollars of damage to justice? Why ahven’t they used cell phone records and video to find, charge, and prosecute those (mostly peaceful ) leftist folks in Portland, and other cities who trashed Federal Courthouses? I mean, they have the same level of data to work with….

It would almost seem that there are several levels of “Justice” being applied here….

Funny how that works, Innit?

Who are they tryin’ to convince?

So CBS this morning (I watch the local CBS affiliate in the morning for the local weather) just keeps pushing the “Despite what Ex-Preisdent Trump says, the election was not stolen” meme….nearly daily.

Now, I’m not convinced either way. I do know that the attempts to audit the election counts have met with resistance, and that the courts refused at the time to allow recounts due to irregularities….citing all sorts of reasons to not force a check, none of which were, in my opinion, valid….Why not do whatever it takes to ensure election integrity?


But the Media keeps telling us that:

There was no fraud, None. Zero.

The allegation of fraud were investigated and found to be invalid (wrong, there were no larger scale audits).

That the election has been investigated and settled (again, a lie) and the “courts have settled it” .

Allegations of election fraud have been proven to be a lie (no proof has been produced because no audits have been done and, really, no investigation was done either)…the couts have, instead, said  that because there was no proof there was no need for an investigation)

They never, ever, fail to refer to the election controversey as a “Lie”.

One wonders why they KEEP telling us these things…..almost as if they, themsleves, don’t believe it either and are simply saying the same story over and over and over and over hoping that the rest of us will believe it if they tell us often enough.

And it isn’t just CBS….it is nearly every mainstream Media outlet that does this.

You people are the issue!

So I met a person today who was virulently anti gun.

“you people with guns are the issue, you folks prevent us from stopping gun violence”

“Gun violence is prevalent and is a scourge on our society”

“Why do you carry a gun, anway?”

I carry a gun so that I can PREVENT gun violence…or any violence….be prepared for situations where I might need to stop a threat from someone intent on doing harm to me or the people with me

“You are a fool…the chances of that happening are nearly zero”.


So which is it? If gun violence is prevalent then why are the chances that I might need a gun nearly zero?”



Do these folks even listen to their own dialectic?