It is a shame

I mean, we see on the “NewZ” how hard (and for how long) the Federal and State Law Enforcement folks are working on identifying and finding those people who expressed their outrage at the results of the elections on Jan 6th at the Capitol.

In fact, it shows that, given enough time, the Law Enforcement folks can find nearly anyone.

Marine Corps officer is first known active-duty service member charged in Capitol riot

But it is a shame that they haven’t spend as much time (or effort) finding those people who, 6 months before, were buring, looting and killing others in the BLM riots, often with better data to work from (lots more videos and photos on Social Media, and ususally lots more professionally shot video, as well as cell phone records and such)…yet the FBI and other agencied DID NOT EVEN TRY to find THOSE criminals….The word was that they could not identify people with the information they had…..but that is the same info they are using to go after anyone within a mile of the Capitol.

Why did the law enforcement folks not apply the same level of sleuthing to bring the people who caused Billions of dollars of damage to justice? Why ahven’t they used cell phone records and video to find, charge, and prosecute those (mostly peaceful ) leftist folks in Portland, and other cities who trashed Federal Courthouses? I mean, they have the same level of data to work with….

It would almost seem that there are several levels of “Justice” being applied here….

Funny how that works, Innit?

2 thoughts on “It is a shame

  1. They could have started with those who were ACTUALLY ARRESTED, but no, nothing was done… except to release the perps back into the crowds…

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